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Miranda Kamal & Linda McLachlan (Part 2) - Blue skies

Episode Summary

This is Part 2 of my conversation with Miranda Kamal where we share more of her story and some of mine. Miranda is the Head Coach and Executive Director of the Mentoring Junior Kids Organization or MJKO for short. She’s been through a lot. She’s a sexual assault survivor, and an aspiring competitive boxer who suffered a career ending back injury. She now dedicates her time to teaching non-contact boxing to young people, helping them learn life skills. Why boxing? It helps train the mind and body, it teaches discipline, it’s really hard work and a lot of fun.

Episode Notes

There was a short film created about Miranda’s journey as a boxer, The Fight in Me.

Resilience Is is also a great short film created for the Resilience Strategy at the City of Toronto and MJKO is featured. It is available on YouTube or on the MJKO website: 

Please consider making a donation to help continue their mission at MJKO